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How to Contact Us

Mail: League of Women Voters of Oak Ridge
P.O. Box 4073
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-4073

Email: [email the League] (general info/questions)

Or contact one of the people below:

Co-Presidents Mary Ann Reeves & Pat Bryan [send email]
First Vice President, Community Outreach Peter Scheffler [send email]
Second Vice President, Education Brenda Parker [send email]
Secretary Mary Lou Daugherty [send email]
Treasurer & Membership Records Janis Williams [send email]
Newsletter Editor Emily Jernigan [send email]
Voter Service Doris Sklad [send email]
Voting/Election Issues Claudia Lever [send email]
Partner in Education Carol Plasil [send email]
E-mail/Archives Mary Uziel [send email]
Special Projects Jo Ann Garrett [send email]
Observer Corps Anne Adamson [send email]
Publicity Diane Edwards [send email]
Public Relations / Media Advisor Cleva Marrow [send email]
Nominating Committee Chair Blanche Dresner [send email]
Social Events Blanche Dresner [send email]
Webmaster / Facebook Marian Varner [send email]
Special Publicity Maureen Hoyt [send email]

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